Who We Are

We are technicians and consultants with deep ties to the professional video production world.  But, more than that, we are a group of people who believe in the power of customer first thinking.

We expect big things from each other.  A SkyTech professional is expertly trained on all our products.  A SkyTech professional will never sell a customer anything they do not need.  And finally, a SkyTech professional must always go the extra mile for our customers and ourselves.

We also expect big things from our customers.  We need them to understand that we do not deal in the absolute, bargain basement equipment, services, or solutions.  There will always be a reason we ask a question and on occasion, there will be times when no one likes our answers.  We both need to agree that creating and maintaining a production workflow of any significant size is not easy or simple.  If it were, then those bargain basement "one-size fits all" solutions would work for everyone.

Request a consultation and let's get started.