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Top to bottom, we are not a company constructed to just simply push product.  Our success comes from the simple belief that no two workflows are the same and every detail is important.  The conversations and consultations we have with our clients throughout the lifetime of our solutions are the bedrock of that belief.  A win for us isn't shoveling useless items on an invoice.  It's maximizing our customers' workflow to 100% of it's potential.

Take a look at the customer stories below and our list of happy clients.  When you are ready, request a consultation.  The process will begin the same way it always does, no matter the size of your workflow pains.  It begins with a conversation.

Customer Success Stories: UPS and Top Rank Boxing.

2 globally distributed companies.  One ships billions of packages around the world, the other entertains millions of people each year.  What could they have possibly had in common?

They both had severe production workflow pains.

UPS isn't just a fleet of brown trucks and planes moving packages around.  They also have a network of more than 4,700 neighborhood shipping centers.  Each one of those stores is independently owned and operated, necessitating a immense library of training and in-store marketing videos to be created, distributed and updated from the UPS HQ to insure consistency across the network.

At UPS HQ the Skytech Media Solutions team worked with UPS's production specialists, carefully listening and observing their existing workflow.  Once SkyTech was able to get a grip on what UPS was able to do, the conversation shifted to what they wanted to be able to do.  SkyTech ended up creating a multi seat editing facility with an editor driven DAM solution and a SAN system of over half a Petabyte.  Some software solutions were customized and created specifically for UPS by SkyTech's outside software partners.  

With this much data, a reliable redundancy and back up system was an absolute necessity.  SkyTech was able to create and hand-tool a solution that integrated 3 tiers of data from disk to disk, and then finally migrating from disk to tape.

The end result took a little over a year to be tailor-made for UPS from start to finish.  


Top Rank is a world-wide boxing promoter, so the demands on the production environment run nearly 24/7.  When Top Rank Boxing contacted SkyTech,  they were dealing with huge workflow pains.  They had a 40 years worth of boxing footage that was recently converted to digital and no viable catalog solution.  On top of that, they had a constant influx of new footage being created on a weekly basis.  Add in a production facility strung together with years of wildly varying software and ailing hardware configurations, they had an environment where the right hand couldn't even see the left, much less know what it was doing.

This is the kind of environment that SkyTech thrives in.  In order to alleviate Top Ranks workflow problems, the SkyTech team created a custom workflow XSAN Technology solution based on Active Storage and Scale Logic Storage.  The existing editing bays were revamped and retooled all running Adobe Creative Suite Solutions.  For the first time, editors no longer had to fight over working vs. "sorta" working editing bays.  Top Rank set new productivity records just days after SkyTech's solutions were implemented.

Beyond the on going editing solution, SkyTech simultaneously implemented a rock solid new archiving solution.   After long and careful testing and consideration, a tier 2 tape based system was rolled out to create a reliable near-line and offline solution.  The offline solution was based around Tolis Bru Archival software. Tolis Bru allows you to create rock solid backup while at the same time allowing retrieval of files from the Tape Library.

In aggregate, the solutions created by SkyTech allow Top Rank Boxing to be able to pull and edit footage from any fighters career, sometimes spanning decades and multiple formats at a moments notice.  All while being backed up and protected 24/7.

These are just two of SkyTech Media's client solution stories.  We have many, many more to share.  Just set up a consultation, we'd love to tell you more.  And you never know, you might end up on this page too.


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