The success of your organization lies in effective storage space. You need a storage solution that gives you control, visibility and automation no matter where your work takes you. Storage solutions from SkyTech can give you exactly what you need.

EVO Shared Storage Server: A beautiful blend of total flexibility and performance.

EVO is a complete, networked storage server solution for Video/Film/TV,  graphics, VFX, animation, audio, and broadcast production environments. Don’t pay for extra software. With EVO Shared Storage Server you can use your SAN or NAS to search, index, & preview your assets, share Avid, Adobe, Apple Projects, Bins and Media.

What makes EVO a unique shared storage solution?

  • EVO is a high performance storage server with the greatest connectivity options available in one product.

  • Starting under $7k, Evo v5.5 incorporates the latest advancements in hardware and software storage.

  • EVO gives you complete flexibility with built in SAN and NAS, use one or both simultaneously.

  • EVO carries enhanced features like volume and pool expansion, SSD, 10GbE, project/bin sharing, RAID 6, and remote monitoring and setup.

  • EVO is designed for online, real-time use with leading applications such as Smoke, Scratch, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Pro Tools.

  • Whether your computers are directly connected to EVO, or connected with a switch, share your content using an Ethernet and Fibre channel at a sustained workload of nearly 2.5GB/s.

32TB Shared Storage Solution
48TB Shared Storage & Archive Solution
64TB Shared Storage, Asset Management,
& Archive Solution!
EVO v5.5 32TB Shared StorageEVO v5.5 48TB Shared StorageEVO v5.5 64TB Shared Storage
Professional InstallationCache-A Pro-Cache5CATDV Enterprise (5 Clients)
1 YR Service & SupportProfessional InstallationCache-A Pro-Cache5 w/ Worker Node & Server
5 Pack of Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams1 YR Service & SupportOnsite Training
-5 Pack of Adobe Creative Cloud for TeamsProfessional Installation
--1 YR Service & Support
--5 Pack of Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams