There’s an awesome new thing out.  It solves problems that existed with the previous version, incorporates aspects previously only offered by competitors in a new-and-improved way, and has taken baby-steps into new frontiers, adding one new elegant feature that will become industry-standard and be adopted by all manufacturers in some form eventually.   It’s an investment, but it really is less expensive than you expect it to be when your system is analyzed by a Qualified Engineer to make sure you make only the necessary purchases.  While you can’t put a price on the decreased stress and increased staff morale, you can most certainly put a price on the streamlined timelines that allow for more work to be accomplished without any of the current efficiency gaps that silently eat your profits.  Talking to someone, just to see if it might apply to you, is free, and it’s a no-brainer.  Do you want to invest 5 minutes to see if your life could be a whole lot easier and your work environment could be more comfortable, and likely more creative as a result? 

The thing is, that very vague statement could be made at any time and be true.  In October alone, we were unable to attend both the industry events in New York and Los Angeles at the same time, and many of our partners don’t wait for events, they send electronic notices of their most recent developments, so it’s constant.  I personally connect through meeting sites so I can have someone who represents the new product walk me through it, one-on-one, whenever possible.  Quite honestly, it’s hard to keep up.  Technology is only as good as it is new when it comes to the hype, so there’s always new.  That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the old stuff, either, and not every upgrade is the end-all-be-all.

The ones who actually can keep up with it all are the Engineers.  They can read a brand new spec-sheet and immediately process that it does more of this with less of that.  The new item enters their tech-vocabulary and becomes a tool in their toolbox.  It’s impressive.  It really is its own language, and they speak it fluently.

If you aren’t 100% sure that you know what new things just came out and whether or not that should mean something to you, you should talk to an Engineer.  And just like any other industry, when new stuff comes out, older stuff goes on sale.  If you think you are not a buy-the-brand-new-thing company, then you might be the buy-the-last-new-thing-when-the-next-new-thing-comes-out-and-drops-the-price company.  And you don’t know what’s on sale right now.  But that’s ok.  The Engineers do.

Got 5 minutes?  If not today, soon?  Whenever you reach out, I guarantee you there will be something new to talk about.