It’s gotten far too easy to shop. We went from carrying cash to writing checks, which meant we didn’t have to plan ahead and could spend all the money we wanted just by writing a note and signing it. But that was a pain, so we made cards with numbers on them so we didn’t have to write a whole note each time. Now I seriously look at my phone and click, my phone makes this happy little chime, and the money is gone. Depending on what I did with it, I may have a package coming in a couple of days, or even the same day. I can have a bad idea that I can’t really afford, buy it with a smile and have it in my house before I have a chance to think it through. That’s progress, and it was all made possible by tech.

If your industry relies at all on tech, and just about all of us do, you are in a pickle. How do you make the best long-term choice for tech when you don’t know what you are going to need down the road, you don’t know what’s going to come out tomorrow, and these are not the kinds of things you can afford to buy every year when there’s something new?

I wish there was an easy answer, but at least there’s an easy process. First, get a check-up. Talk to an Engineer about what you have now. Then, talk about the things that bug you, like long loading time, or the things you really need to have, like more remote access. Then talk about where you see the business in five years.

Then listen. That’s the key.

The answer will be different for everyone because they will have a different “before” as well as different needs, but if you have an Engineer look at it with you, you can be certain that you are buying something that is scalable as you grow, that will work with your system at the time and replace key components in a timely manner to keep things both functional and in-budget. These things are pricey—a Qualified Engineer will know where you should invest the money and where you can save a few bucks without impacting your end product.

Yesterday morning, I bought a set of three ceramic wine toppers in lovely sunburst and floral patterns, and one of them was in a bottle of wine on my table that night. I literally bought it with a smile thanks to the saved banking information in my phone. I probably shouldn’t shop before coffee, but I’m still pretty thrilled with how easy that was.

Let SkyTech make expanding your tech just as easy. We’ve got it covered, so all you have to do is smile.