Let’s play a quick round of “Would You Rather,” that horrific game where we list two terrible things and you get to decide which one is less-terrible to you.

“Technical crash at work, or…”

If you’re already prepared for me to say things like “having all of your teeth removed without the aid of anesthesia,” I really want to talk to you. And give you a hug, actually.

If you fear a technical crash, it means two things: 1) you believe that one is possible, which might be because you know you’re working with older equipment or because you have no idea how well the equipment is working, and 2) you don’t feel prepared to handle it if something went wrong. If you knew your equipment was safe, and you knew what you would do in the very unlikely event that something went wrong, there would be nothing to fear.

Self-check on this one—if the thought of technical problems at work made something unpleasant happen in your stomach, no matter how confident you are pretending to be to others, you know you need to call. But it’s ok. Once we’re involved, we tell you how the equipment is doing, we are the ones who handle it, and in the unlikely event that you should have a problem, you know what to do—call us. Solved.

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