“Ok, now I’m really confused. Who is we, what are we stuck on, who isn’t listening and what are they supposed to be listening to?” Monica asked.

“We is the company, or at least the video department. Them are the people who decide how we spend money, or at least the ones I have access to who take the message up the food chain so it can be rejected by someone I never get to meet. And what we’re stuck on is everything.”

Monica shook her head as though trying to clear a fog. “Ok. Enough of this. I don’t get it. Just show me what you’re doing. I probably can’t help, but I at least want to understand. What are you working on.”

“Nothing. I’m doing nothing.”

“Argh! I give up.” Monica turned away. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m still here too, so I’m going to go back to my office. I just have one more thing—”

“Good ol’ ‘One More Thing Monica.’ If you said that at 5:00, either that was a 3 hour thing or you are well past one more thing.” Chris glared at her.

“Ok, fine. You’re right. Even more to my point—I have more to do than stand here and argue with you over what you aren’t doing. Goodnight and good luck on…whatever.” Monica started back down the hall.

Chris called after her. “I’m sorry.”

Monica stopped. Something about his voice—there was no sarcasm. In fact, it was as human as she had ever heard him. He sounded like he was maybe twelve years old. She walked back. “Talk to me.”

Chris rolled his chair back and pointed at his screen. “Look. I’m doing nothing. Because I’m still loading.”