A note to my creative friends: Go be creative, and let us help with the engineering. 

You didn’t build your own house. In fact, you know if you built your house all by yourself, it probably wouldn’t stand quite as straight as it does. It probably never even occurred to you to build your house all by yourself because the idea is absurd. 

I can do all kinds of internet research on architecture and building techniques, and I can even force myself to learn building codes. Still can’t build my own house all by myself. Still not even interested in trying.

Why are you trying to do exactly that with your NAS/SAN system? 

You bought your house from people who knew how to build one, and all it has to do is stay standing. Your NAS/SAN, whether racked in the server room or sitting on your desktop, does more than just sit there and not fall apart. Shouldn’t it also be built by folks who know how? 

Trying to “rise to the occasion” and teach yourself is noble but misguided. You aren’t saving money, you aren’t saving time, and there’s a solid chance that at least one thing you’re doing could be better if you’d had professional advice. Free professional advice, I might add.

Call us. We’re nice. We know some stuff that you don’t know, even if you don’t think so.

And if you think I’m wrong, you should still call. You can challenge us. It’ll be fun.