Ever been in a room with two or more passionate people discussing the benefits of a Mac over a Windows machine, or vice versa? If the room is large enough and the crowd nerdy enough, someone in the background will pop off with, “I don’t belong to a corporation—I run Linux.” The argument generally continues as though the first two hadn’t interrupted, and after all patience has been exhausted, no one is converted. 

Perhaps those who don’t join the fray aren’t dispassionate, they just know a lost cause when they see one.

Fine. You’re right. All of you. It’s not mutually exclusive—all of you can have the very best system for your needs, which are unique to you, so your different system is perfect for you. You all have the best. And you are all very pretty. Equally pretty. 

So don’t fight about it. You can have one person on a Windows machine and another on a Mac and a third running Linux, all working on the same project without problems as long as you have a shared storage system that can handle it.

GB Labs products are all platform agnostic, which means exactly what it sounds like. They don’t care what operating system you are using. They can all plug in at the same time. Equally. GB Labs software also requires no licenses, with no proprietary issues along the way, at least none they caused.

Rather than requiring customer loyalty by inventing some new type of port and proprietary software that’s incompatible with the rest of the world, which is the black-hat-wearing, hand-wringing, mustache-twirling melodramatic villain option, they went the other route. You don’t have to buy their products because all their products are in an exclusive club, it’s the fact that their products aren’t in an exclusive club that makes them so darn buyable. They get customer loyalty by being really good at what they do, which is far better than brand blackmail. 

If you want your system to keep working, you gotta keep buying the next upgrade, and only from us… 

No, thank you. Thanks for thinking of us, though. Good luck with that.

If you work in creative and opinionated teams who love their systems and have no intention of changing, ever, excellent. Take a look at GB’s product line—they have options for all size needs, from small teams to server room systems that scale to as much as 320TB with no downtime.

Now we can all get along. Isn’t that nice. Until someone wants to bring up the Star Trek vs Star Wars superiority debate. There will be blood…