Creative people who need tech to do what they do are forced to learn terms and other technical information that simply aren’t taught in art classes. One of the hardest parts of shopping for tech is getting over the language barrier.

EVO OS on a 64-bit, multi-CPU, multi-core, 3U storage server, with a high performance SAN and NAS subsystem, starts with 16 x SATA/SAS drive bays and is expandable.

That’s the sort of sentence that generally translates into, “Trust me—I know what I’m talking about,” since it shoots over the heads of just about anyone who isn’t basting in media tech every day. When you know what you’re looking for, all those letters and numbers mean more to you, but somewhere in the description will be at least one factoid that leaves you smiling and nodding.

As long as you understand most of it, you’re probably fine, and the stuff you don’t understand must not apply, right?

Well…not really. Translating the specs is one thing, but deciding which is right for you and making sure it can talk to everything else you already have in place generally requires an engineer. No matter what you need, give us a call. If your NAS/SAN needs are a little more than a smaller system, as reasonably priced as it may be, wasted money is wasted money, and you’d want someone to tell you that before you swipe your Master Card. Desktop units, for example, aren’t scalable the way the rack systems are, and if it isn’t really what you need, you’ll be setting it to the side and starting from scratch when you need to grow.

I’m not trying to cure cancer right now, even though I’d really like a cure to be discovered, because I’m not a scientist or a doctor or anything even remotely close. I can make sure my online purchases contribute to the charity of my choice, and I can always expect a call around Christmas for donations, but that’s all I can do. Those doctors and scientists live in houses built by people who also can’t cure cancer, and we all work together so that everything gets done by someone who knows how to do it. It’s the foundation of society as we know it.

You’re not an engineer. Helping you with your system is kinda like donating to cancer research. I like the stuff you make, I just can’t do it, and I’m offering to do my part by contributing with my skills. Same principle.