EVO Prodigy

“This compact system features a small and quiet desktop enclosure that accommodates four 2.5” or 3.5” enterprise edition disks and is ideal for compressed workflows, mobile/field artists, and studios without rack space. The EVO Prodigy Desktop enables centralized network storage workflow, project sharing, and asset management for two user workgroups, and workstations can be directly connected to Prodigy — no Ethernet switch required.” (SNS website)

What, exactly, does that mean?

It’s digital media storage with built in asset management software—it keeps files safe and organized. All EVO products do that. This one is interesting because it takes the workflow and stability provided in a larger EVO system and makes it available for much smaller groups at a reasonable price. 

Picture a server room full of expensive equipment. It looks like isles and isles of all the hardware on our site stacked on top of each other in a small room with a loud fan. All of that makes it possible for a whole team to collaborate effectively, and it’s what makes the studio successful. 

This little box IS that whole room, it’s just limited to smaller groups and fewer Gigabytes. It sits on a desk so you can plug directly into it. No server room. You don’t have to rewire your whole building, either. This is a studio in a box, as long as it’s a small studio.

Even for something as plug-and-play as the Prodigy, it still helps to have a conversation. We can talk it through and order it for you—same price, free advice. The Prodigy is an excellent system for the right size team, we just want to make sure it’s the right size for you.