Happy New Year! This time of year is when we make resolutions and plan for everything to be better. As we celebrate heart and home, let's take a moment to reflect on our digital content and it's home.

Your content lives on your digital media storage. That’s it’s home. And if you need SSD, it generally costs as much as Realestate. Until recently, the smallest system available was intended for really big projects, and most people didn’t have the funds or the need for anything that massive. Those who needed the stability and speed of SSD on a smaller scale did what they could with what they had, and that’s just the way it was.

If you are working in SSD all the time, and you need enterprise disks built for 24/7 use up to 320 terabytes, you should take a look at the recent improvements in tech—you might find something for your wish list you didn’t even know existed. We want to make sure what you get is scalable so it can keep up with you through the years, too.

If you are a moderate agency that would really like SSD, but have hesitated to get into it because you knew you’d have to over-purchase, you don’t have to now—you can buy just what you need and still have SSD capabilities. You can select something scalable but small with lots of empty slots and room to grow.

And if you are small, and you thought you couldn’t have anything that big and pricey, please take five minutes and see how the world has changed. You are working with old information. A desktop system may be perfect for you, even though it’s not scalable.

If you just need a mailing address, you can open a PO Box and solve your problem for a small monthly fee—you don’t need to buy the mansion on the hill just to have a physical address that can receive packages. There are some very realistic and reasonable options that make a whole lot more sense than the smallest SSD solutions previously available, and whether you need a PO Box, a reasonable suburban townhome, or a Malibu estate for your content, there’s something in the neighborhood of what you need.

And there’s no Home Owners Association, either, so there’s that.