Not everyone needs a customized floor-to-ceiling, state of the art system.  Sometimes that’s just too much for what you’re doing.  Sure, Disney studios is rocking the very best of the best, but my little project would be awfully lonely in the corner of a very big room, and I don’t need a Disney system, regardless of how awesome it is.  Just like having to walk from room to room in a mansion takes more time than peeking around the cubical wall to talk to someone right next door, getting too much can actually slow you down.  There may be hundreds of bells and whistles built to the software available, but if you’re only going to use three of them, maybe the rest would just get in the way.

But it’s so hard—if you need a smaller version of a whole studio, sometimes you have to buy the big thing because the big thing is the only thing that does what you need.  That stinks.  We try to avoid that when we can.

Enter the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel.  It has 3 professional trackballs and can easily switch back and forth between editing and color grading, which is perfect for those smaller studios with staff members who each wear two or three hats at a time.  It’s small, and with two LCD screens its easy to navigate through the menus on-the-go.  This little package packs a wallop, and is perfect for large projects that require on-location work, or small projects that require a single tool to accomplish multiple tasks.  This is very tidy.

If we thought about it, we don’t all want to be Disney anyway.  My life is simpler than that, and that’s how I like it.  The DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel allows the user to hit the ground running without taking up too much space, packed with practical and usable features to make the most of the system.  With this, you can add an editing bay, fresh out of the box without over-designing the system.  Plug and play—that’s how we like it.

If you need a turnkey editing solution, or if you have any questions regarding your server room, shared storage or other collaboration tools, give us a call.  We’ve got this stuff pretty dialed-in at this point, which means that you can comfortably delegate the technical stuff.  You have better things to do.