SkyTech works nationally and we reach out in different communities to connect with new friends.

This coming weekend we’ll be in Denver. We’re in Denver at least once a month, but this time it’s different. This time, I get to go to the Denver Derby—we’re sponsoring. We have a lot of friends in Denver, and this is a great cause that benefits local college-hopefuls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to go.

I work with an Engineering Team—education is my jam. No one has the time to become an expert in all things, which is why we exist in the first place. When our friends admit to themselves that they are amazing at what they do but they aren’t engineers, we step in to help. We use plain English to help them understand what we’re doing, knowing that we have the training and expertise to solve the problem. We are educated educators ourselves, in a sense. Of course I love this cause.

I can’t make a movie or create the animation for a commercial, and any attempt I made would be embarrassing at best. I don’t have the education, experience or expertise for that. You do. But we probably know more about NAS/SAN design and maintenance than you do. We specialized in different things, and I love how we click when we work together.

So, Denver friends, who else is going to be at the Denver Derby? If you aren’t in Colorado, they will probably still take a donation if you want to give. If you’re already planning on being there, reach out. There’s nothing cooler than meeting up with a familiar face in a crowd like that.

To everyone who is attending that are not yet a familiar face, I’m looking forward to seeing the new friends that I haven’t met yet. That’s just how Denver rolls. If you’ve never been, general friendliness is as much a part of the culture as the art scene and artesian breweries, so you’re surrounded by friends even if you’ve never been there before, and I’m looking forward to being literally surrounded by friends at the Denver Derby.