In a rut with the same type of assignments all the time? There are things you can do to make your work experience more rewarding. For starters, talk to the boss. If you are bored and want to do more, that’s the kind of thing bosses love to hear. Maybe you have an idea where you and a coworker share tasks, so that instead of doing one thing all the time each of you rotate between two. Maybe you can challenge yourself to find something new and exciting with each project. If you can, maybe hide something very subtle—and professional—in your work. If somewhere in every project you’ve perfectly hidden your sweetheart’s initials, you now have something new to focus on that can end up being a signature concept for your work going forward.

Or you’re just miserable and none of these things will help. You need a new job. Chances are you need to be the new job.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with studios and agencies large and small, and I’ve learned something very important. The difference between those who run their own business and those who don’t is simply this—those people actually did it. That’s it. All the ideas you have that you’re too intimidated to bring into reality are your invitation to be your own boss. Some of the people I’ve met aren’t even as talented and intelligent as you are, they just believed in their idea enough to actually do it. They aren’t special, alien creatures who have a skill set far beyond your own, they are the people who were bored in the cubical next to you last year, they just did something about it.

There’s a trade off between freedom and stability, and everyone needs to find where they fit on that spectrum. If you want your freedom, take the calculated risk. Before you know it, others will be looking at you, wishing they had your courage.