I get to work with amazing people all the time. Our Engineers would be intimidatingly brilliant if it weren’t for their stellar personalities, so instead of feeling small in the presence of greatness I feel welcome to hang out with incredible people and I learn something new every day.

I get to help amazing people all the time. Part of our company policy is working with our friends, so if you work with us, you’re our friend. Friends answer the phone with a smile because they actually like hearing from you. Friends are always looking out for one another, and a friend is someone you can trust. I love that I get to work in an environment that respects and caters to people, not profits. That means I get to talk about a lot more than tech with my friends, and trading family stories and childhood experiences with people who might just be “customers” to someone else makes my life far richer.

I get to see technology that is truly remarkable. I get to meet the very interesting people who dream it up, too. I had the opportunity to speak with the young man—younger than I am by a decade—who designed the fundamental framework for an entire line of hybrid systems that can be used as either NAS or SAN, with spinning disks and an SSD layer. He is changing the world, and he’s just one of the many unbelievable people I got to talk to at a NAB. Ever meet someone who has designed an algorithm that directly impacts international commerce, and then think about how you can’t get around to cleaning your garage? But, again, they are also amazingly nice, so I’m happy in the presence of their greatness.

I get to be a Rescuer. Ok, so maybe this one isn’t as healthy, but I can admit it—I’m a fixer. If I were plugging along every day, just marking my hours to take care of routine things for some giant corporation who had 100 people just like me all doing the same thing, I’d be bored, and I wouldn’t feel the emotional and spiritual fulfillment I get from helping someone who actually needs help. I get to meet creative people who blow my mind every day with their talents, but who are struggling with ineffective tools and worried that they will make a poor investment in technology they don’t really understand. Some are actually afraid, although they won’t say it outright, because someone has already exploited them somewhere along the way. I not only get to be a part of the solution, I get to be a part of what helps restore their faith in humanity, and that’s really rewarding.

If you are creative, you need technology, and, if you can admit you’re not an engineer, it’s totally ok. You have a friend you can trust who just wants to help you. We don’t belong to a manufacturer like the sales folks who can only represent one product. It’s their job to tell you that what they make is the best for you, but there’s no such thing as one product that’s the best for everyone, which means they are required to not tell you the whole truth if the truth might include a product short-coming or the existence of a competitor’s product that would better suit your needs. Since we work with all of the manufacturers, we can tell you what’s right for you in the world, not in one specific catalogue. I like that. If I had to represent one product even if I knew it wasn’t right for you, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Scratch that—I’d sleep just fine, because I would quit.

And if you are an engineer, and you want to work somewhere that makes your heart happy, reach out. Happy hearts are as much our speciality as NAS/SAN shared storage systems, and this is an awesome place to work.